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What is CertMaster Learn integrated with CompTIA Labs?

CertMaster Learn is a self-paced, comprehensive online learning experience that helps you gain the knowledge and practical skills necessary to be successful on your CompTIA certification exam, and in your IT career. A Learning Plan helps you stay on track with your studies, while robust analytics bring awareness of strengths and weaknesses.

CompTIA Labs make it easy for you to practice and apply your skills in real workplace scenarios in preparation for the certification exam. All lab activities use real equipment and software, are based on scenarios found in the workplace, and align with CompTIA exam objectives.

When purchased with CertMaster Learn in a bundle, CompTIA Labs are integrated as Study Tasks within the Learning Plan, accessible through a single login and seamless workflow.

  • Lessons cover all exam objectives with integrated videos
  • Hundreds of practice questions test your knowledge
  • Performance-based questions apply what you’ve learned in a scenario
  • Lab activities use real equipment and software to develop hands-on skills
  • Flashcards ensure you know the terminology and acronyms required for the exam
  • The Learning Plan keeps you on track with your studies

Topics Covered

Module 1 / Unit 1: Common Computing Devices

Module 1 / Unit 2: Using a Workstation

Module 1 / Unit 3: Using an OS

Module 1 / Unit 4: Managing an OS

Module 1 / Unit 5: Troubleshooting and Support

Module 2 / Unit 1: Using Data Types and Units

Module 2 / Unit 2: Using Apps

Module 2 / Unit 3: Programming and App Development

Module 2 / Unit 4: Using Databases

Module 3 / Unit 1: System Components

Module 3 / Unit 2: Using Device Interfaces

Module 3 / Unit 3: Using Peripheral Devices

Module 3 / Unit 4: Using Storage Devices

Module 3 / Unit 5: Using File Systems

Module 4 / Unit 1: Networking Concepts

Module 4 / Unit 2: Connecting to a Network

Module 4 / Unit 3: Secure Web Browsing

Module 4 / Unit 4: Using Shared Storage

Module 4 / Unit 5: Using Mobile Devices

Module 5 / Unit 1: Security Concerns

Module 5 / Unit 2: Using Best Practices

Module 5 / Unit 3: Using Access Controls

Module 5 / Unit 4: Behavioral Security Concepts

Integrated Labs

Setting Up the Computer

Navigating the Windows User Interface

Browsing a Website

Using Management Interfaces

Managing User Accounts

Using a Search Engine

Managing Software Applications

Using Scripting Tools

Using Programming Tools

Creating and Using a Database

Specifying PC Systems

Configuring Input Devices

Playing Audio

Using a Printer

Adding a Removable Drive

Using File Explorer

Network Settings

Web Security

File Sharing

Using Windows Defender and Windows Update

License Information

  • One license provides access to CertMaster Learn for IT Fundamentals (ITF+) (FC0-U61) with CompTIA Labs integrated throughout the course
  • Once activated, the license is valid for 12 months

How to Access CertMaster Learn integrated with CompTIA Labs

An access key and instructions will be sent via email after your purchase is complete.

You may then login anytime at

About CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) exam helps professionals decide if a career in IT is right for them or to develop a broader understanding of IT. ITF+ will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to identify and explain the basics of computing, IT infrastructure, application software development, database fundamentals, and security.

For the latest IT Fundamentals (ITF+) exam information regarding availability, version and pending retirement, please visit  


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